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Working to build one of America's Most Disaster Resistant Communities.
215 Pleasant View Avenue, Smithfield, RI 02917 - 401-233-1033 (Emergency Operating Center) 401-233-1016 (Fax)
A Message From the Director of Emergency Management

Dear Citizens and Visitors,

As Smithfield's Emergency Management Director, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Many
hours have been spent in developing this site into a valuable resource to assist you and your families
when preparing for disasters as well as providing important information about our community's
Emergency Management program.

You will find that the Weather button will link you to a live Doppler radar feed and the latest storm
information issued by the National Weather Service. In addition, take a moment and visit our local, state,
and federal counter-parts in emergency preparedness by clicking the Links button.

Delivering the latest preparedness information and emergency safety tips is one of the most important
functions Smithfield EMA provides. We have spent many hours developing an on-line library of
resources that I encourage you to share with your family and neighbors. You can access this material by
clicking the READY! Smithfield button.

The strength of the Smithfield Emergency Management Agency is a direct reflection of the dedication and
professionalism of our volunteers who are quick to serve our community during times of disasters and
emergencies. Please browse our Photo Gallery to see our EMA volunteers in action.

Disaster situations can be stressful and often times scary. Rest assured though, that Smithfield
Emergency Management is working hard with our partners to strengthen our community's ability in
responding to the needs of residents and community during an emergency. Thank you again for visiting
and check back often for important updates. Remember to take time and prepare yourselves and loved
ones for the potential impact caused by a disaster, stay safe, and always look out for one another.

Sincerely yours,

Emergency Management Agency
Town of Smithfield, Rhode Island